Europe Trip Planner eBook


Europe Trip Planner eBook

Shruti Pangtey

Here's what you can expect to find inside:

- Money saving tips. Whether it's about food in Europe or which mode of transport to cover, you are covered.
- Budgeting guidelines. How much to budget as a bare minimum and average costs across 56 European cities for two people.
- Itinerary suggestions. Ten different itineraries with various combinations cutting through every region of Europe from one week to two months.
- Top Highlights. What to see, where to stay (with clickable direct links and cost) and what local dish to try in Europe's top 20 most visited cities.
- Visa Tips. The documents you need to apply for a Schengen visa, timeline and how to make sure your visa doesn't get rejected.
- Packing list. A detailed packing list with must-have essentials to save you unnecessary costs in Europe.
- Practical info. Customs regulations, safety, laws. Everything you need to know as a first-timer in Europe.
- Booking resources and links. Every provider you need to know whether it is for renting a car, finding a place to stay or a local walking tour.
- Bonuses. As a big thank you to the readers, I have included bonuses for booking stay and flights that are worth over $60. 
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